Alpha House Client List

If you are a Department of Corrections employee and wish to contact the Case Manager for any client, please select your client’s name from the list below. If you do not see your client listed, please click here to submit a general request.

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Client NameCase Manager
Ainsworth, GaryFisk, Nathan
Ames, TylerAnderson, Allan
Amundson, Alan-MichaelFisk, Nathan
Armstrong, JohnAnderson, Allan
Arredondo, DavidHarman-Roach, Juanita
Azure, Duane Harman-Roach, Juanita
Baker, TravisJackson, Bethany
Ballinger, DeanAguilar, Yaritza
Ballinger, DeanCM, Pending TL
Barrick, KeithAnderson, Allan
Bassler, HerbertAguilar, Yaritza
Bean, PaulBauer, Jen
Berg, JadeHarman-Roach, Juanita
Berns, ChristopherAguilar, Yaritza
Biggs, MichaelSeeley, Megan
Biggs, MichaelCM, Pending TL
Blevins, MalcolmPorter, Suzanne
Boit, HenryWilkes, Travis
Bourbeau, KodyBauer, Jen
Brandt, CaseyAnderson, Allan
Bridges, DanielWilkes, Travis
Brown, AnthonyAnderson, Allan
Brown, NathanJackson, Bethany
Bruce, JasonCM, Pending TL
Bruce, JasonPorter, Suzanne
Buccelli, DominickCM, Pending TL
Buccelli, DominickAguilar, Yaritza
Bullcoming, JaceSeeley, Megan
Bulltail, BrandonBauer, Jen
Bush, JeromeAnderson, Allan
Butler, JamesHarman-Roach, Juanita
Canda, JamesAguilar, Yaritza
Castro, FelixPorter, Suzanne
Christensen, DennisAnderson, Allan
Christianson, TysonHarman-Roach, Juanita
Cleveland, PatrickJackson, Bethany
Collazo, LeonelPorter, Suzanne
Combo, TimothyWilkes, Travis
Combo, TimothyCM, Pending TL
Conley, ZacharyHarman-Roach, Juanita
Cook, DustinBauer, Jen
Cracraft, BenjaminWilkes, Travis
Croson, DeveryWilkes, Travis
Cunnington, MyronJackson, Bethany
Dailey, AnthonyCM, Pending TL
Dailey, AnthonyPorter, Suzanne
Daniels, MarioHarman-Roach, Juanita
Debus, MitchellAguilar, Yaritza
Denny, SamHarman-Roach, Juanita
Deveny, ToddHarman-Roach, Juanita
Diaz, DanielPorter, Suzanne
Dion, RobertAnderson, Allan
Donnelly, CorkySeeley, Megan
Dubois, EliJackson, Bethany
Elliott, AlexWilkes, Travis
Fair, AlanBauer, Jen
Finney, DennisWilkes, Travis
Fisher, KyleAguilar, Yaritza
Fisher, MelvinBauer, Jen
Fisher, RandyBauer, Jen
Flood, NormanAguilar, Yaritza
Follette, EthanJackson, Bethany
Freer, TrevorHarman-Roach, Juanita
Frodsham, MichaelAguilar, Yaritza
Fuller, JustinSeeley, Megan
Gates, ErnestAguilar, Yaritza
Gaught, Shane Harman-Roach, Juanita
German, BryanAguilar, Yaritza
Gillette, JohnAguilar, Yaritza
Gomez, JoseAguilar, Yaritza
Granbois, WadeWilkes, Travis
Green, DanielHarman-Roach, Juanita
Green, MatthewWilkes, Travis
Greenwell, WilliamSeeley, Megan
Grimsrud, KurtAnderson, Allan
Grussing, William Bauer, Jen
Gundlach, JohnHarman-Roach, Juanita
Hagerman, TravisAnderson, Allan
Hale, ChristopherHarman-Roach, Juanita
Harlow, AndrewSeeley, Megan
Harrison, KeithSeeley, Megan
Hass, JustinHarman-Roach, Juanita
Helmey, Brandon Bauer, Jen
Hendricks, JohnBauer, Jen
Hendrickson, JeraldJackson, Bethany
Henry, MichaelBauer, Jen
Herra, IsaiahHarman-Roach, Juanita
Hidalgo, JesseSeeley, Megan
High Hawk, JoshuaWilkes, Travis
Hoven, ZacharyBauer, Jen
Hughes, SummerWilkes, Travis
Hugs, ChanceCM, Pending TL
Hugs, ChanceJackson, Bethany
Jennings, JustinHarman-Roach, Juanita
Jensen, JeffreyBauer, Jen
Job, Thomas Porter, Suzanne
Johnson, BrandonWilkes, Travis
Jordan, KirkAguilar, Yaritza
Jordan, KirkCM, Pending TL
Jungels, Walter Bauer, Jen
Keys, JohnAnderson, Allan
Knox, MatthewWilkes, Travis
Laban, EmmettHarman-Roach, Juanita
Lafontaine, KellyBauer, Jen
Lambrecht, ShaunAguilar, Yaritza
Lamere, PaulCM, Pending TL
Lamere, PaulSeeley, Megan
Larsen, JeremyJackson, Bethany
Latendresse, BrentBauer, Jen
Latray, JohnPorter, Suzanne
Lawrence, Joshua Aguilar, Yaritza
Lawson, JakeCM, Pending TL
Lawson, JakeAnderson, Allan
Leary, KahnerWilkes, Travis
Little Light, RonaldJackson, Bethany
Littlesun, IvanFisk, Nathan
Lone Elk, BernadineWilkes, Travis
Long, HarleyAnderson, Allan
Long, SilasAnderson, Allan
Lucas, TimothyWilkes, Travis
Lucas, TimothyCM, Pending TL
Lujan, ChadAnderson, Allan
Maddox, RyanAguilar, Yaritza
Madsen, CharlesJackson, Bethany
Magrath, GeorgeWilkes, Travis
Mahkuk, MatthewPorter, Suzanne
Martinez, MartinWilliams, John
Maxwell, JonathanPorter, Suzanne
Maxwell, JonathanCM, Pending TL
McBride, ChristopherBauer, Jen
McCaslin, ClayJackson, Bethany
Mclean, ConorBauer, Jen
Medicine Horse, CalvinBauer, Jen
Meinhardt, TylerSeeley, Megan
Naethe, JoshuaAnderson, Allan
Neese, PhillipAguilar, Yaritza
New, AndrewSeeley, Megan
Oie, ThomasCM, Pending TL
Oie, ThomasAguilar, Yaritza
Old Elk, BrandonBauer, Jen
Old Elk, JonWilkes, Travis
Old Elk, OshonJackson, Bethany
Orozco, DavidAguilar, Yaritza
Ott, ArnoldWilliams, John
Padilla, VictorPorter, Suzanne
Payne, MichaelJackson, Bethany
Payne, TimothyWilkes, Travis
Pennington, StephenPorter, Suzanne
Perry, Andrew Aguilar, Yaritza
Porter, DyllanPorter, Suzanne
Potts, JamesSeeley, Megan
Pretty Weasel, BrianPorter, Suzanne
Quade, WilliamAguilar, Yaritza
Ramirez, JasonAnderson, Allan
Red Star, JaymesonAnderson, Allan
Reynolds, ThomasPorter, Suzanne
Ricks, TravisJackson, Bethany
Risingsun, IrvinWilkes, Travis
Roberts , Clinton Jackson, Bethany
Robinette, LarrySeeley, Megan
Rogers, DavidSeeley, Megan
Salois, NathanPorter, Suzanne
Savage, ScottieWilkes, Travis
Sayler, NathanAnderson, Allan
Scott, GilbertHarman-Roach, Juanita
Seibel, KellyJackson, Bethany
Seyler, DustinSeeley, Megan
Shaffer, GordonBauer, Jen
Shoemaker, JeffreyAnderson, Allan
Siebrecht, RaymondAnderson, Allan
Siers, DerrickHarman-Roach, Juanita
Sigmon, RichardWilkes, Travis
Slevira, AnthonyJackson, Bethany
Spotted Eagle, DeanSeeley, Megan
Spotted Eagle, DeanCM, Pending TL
Spotted Wolf, TerryAguilar, Yaritza
Staley, BryanHarman-Roach, Juanita
Stenglein, JamesPorter, Suzanne
Stephens, JosephFisk, Nathan
Stephenson, CharlesBauer, Jen
Stevens, LionelHarman-Roach, Juanita
Stotler, IsaiahWilkes, Travis
Sunchild, Robert Seeley, Megan
Swenson, JaceBauer, Jen
Taylor, NathanPorter, Suzanne
The Boy, TylerJackson, Bethany
Thielbar, JoshuaBauer, Jen
Thompson, BradleySeeley, Megan
Thompson, KennethAnderson, Allan
Todd, JasonHarman-Roach, Juanita
Vanas, RichardAguilar, Yaritza
Vivier, DylanPorter, Suzanne
Vogel, KylePorter, Suzanne
Wagon, MiltonAnderson, Allan
Warren, CalvinJackson, Bethany
Wasson, ChristopherSeeley, Megan
Watson, CameronSeeley, Megan
Watson, MatthewSeeley, Megan
Webster, MichaelSeeley, Megan
Wegner, BrandonJackson, Bethany
Wick, TrePorter, Suzanne
Wilson, ColtonCM, Pending TL
Wilson, ColtonJackson, Bethany
Wilson, JosephCM, Pending TL
Wilson, JosephBauer, Jen
Wing, DouglasHarman-Roach, Juanita
Womack, ShannonSeeley, Megan
Zavala, GabrielAnderson, Allan