Alpha House Client List

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Client NameCase Manager
Acheson, BryantHarman-Roach, Juanita
Achten, ThomasBauer, Jen
Achten, ThomasCM, Pending TL
Ackerman, GarriettPorter, Susanne
Adams, BryceHarman-Roach, Juanita
Allen, RichardAnderson, Allan
Americanhorse, FarronAguilar, Yaritza
Ames, SamuelJackson, Bethany
Ankney, ManleyCM, Pending TL
Ankney, ManleyHarman-Roach, Juanita
Ash, LelandJackson, Bethany
Bachall, Jesse Harman-Roach, Juanita
Baker, KodieAguilar, Yaritza
Barnhouse, Robert Harman-Roach, Juanita
Belgarde, HermanAnderson, Allan
Bennett, KyeCM, Pending TL
Bennett, KyeCM, Pending TL
Bennett, KyePorter, Susanne
Bittick, BruceHarman-Roach, Juanita
Blackeagle, MarkBauer, Jen
Blacksmith, EdwardAnderson, Allan
Bledsoe, CoryBauer, Jen
Brien, MichaelJackson, Bethany
Brown, JamesLangager, Harvey
Brown, ToddAguilar, Yaritza
Buck, RileyAguilar, Yaritza
Bulltail, BrandonCM, Pending TL
Bulltail, BrandonHammond, Mariah
Calflooking, ChristopherPorter, Susanne
Calloway, ChristopherPorter, Susanne
Cavanaugh, LouisBauer, Jen
Caylon, JohnFisk, Nathan
Chilcote, Brady Aguilar, Yaritza
Chilcote, HowardAguilar, Yaritza
Christensen, TheodoreCM, Pending TL
Christensen, TheodoreHarman-Roach, Juanita
Cole, PhillipHammond, Mariah
Cole, PhillipCM, Pending TL
Colvin, FreddieJackson, Bethany
Cook, PhillipJackson, Bethany
Costa, RalphPorter, Susanne
Cracraft, BenjaminBauer, Jen
Cranford, DallasAguilar, Yaritza
Critchfield, CharlesHarman-Roach, Juanita
Damschen, EdwardAguilar, Yaritza
Daniels, JuddHammond, Mariah
Daniels, MarioHarman-Roach, Juanita
Davis, JasonAnderson, Allan
Deavila, RalphHammond, Mariah
Demontiney, BeauCM, Pending TL
Demontiney, BeauJackson, Bethany
Dey, DavidAguilar, Yaritza
Dobberstein, MicahHarman-Roach, Juanita
Doney, ArthurAnderson, Allan
Easton , Christopher Bauer, Jen
Edgeman, Jacob Harman-Roach, Juanita
Eiden, WesleyFisk, Nathan
Elkboy, AdamHammond, Mariah
Eppers, DustinAnderson, Allan
Eppers, DustinCM, Pending TL
Evans, DavidHarman-Roach, Juanita
Fernandez, ErnestAguilar, Yaritza
Fogel, KevinAguilar, Yaritza
Ford, Andrew Fisk, Nathan
Fortenberry, JamesHarman-Roach, Juanita
Francetich, BradleyBauer, Jen
Franklin, DustinHarman-Roach, Juanita
Frost, RobertAguilar, Yaritza
Gies, KadeHarman-Roach, Juanita
Glennon, ShaunHammond, Mariah
Glennon, ShaunCM, Pending TL
Glover, RidgeBauer, Jen
Glover, RidgeCM, Pending TL
Gray, DionHammond, Mariah
Groom , JerimiahPorter, Susanne
Grywusiewicz, IanHammond, Mariah
Guiot, PaulLangager, Harvey
Hagel, TroyAguilar, Yaritza
Haines, KoriAnderson, Allan
Hamlet, David Langager, Harvey
Hamlin, DonaldAnderson, Allan
Hammer, RobertFisk, Nathan
Harmon-Dean, Cameron Bauer, Jen
Harris, GlenPorter, Susanne
Hayden, LarryJackson, Bethany
Hayes, AidenAguilar, Yaritza
Healy, MatthewHarman-Roach, Juanita
Hearn, RonaldJackson, Bethany
Helms, TimothyPorter, Susanne
Heng, TheodoreFisk, Nathan
Hill , RichardBauer, Jen
Hiller, DarrenAguilar, Yaritza
Hillis, ZacharyAnderson, Allan
Hoelle, BretAguilar, Yaritza
Houle, MartinBauer, Jen
Hoverson, Bobby Porter, Susanne
Hudson, LloydBauer, Jen
Hugs, RomanHarman-Roach, Juanita
Humphrey, DouglasCM, Pending TL
Humphrey, DouglasJackson, Bethany
Irmen, JamesJackson, Bethany
Jackson, CecilCM, Pending TL
Jackson, CecilHarman-Roach, Juanita
Jefferson, GaryHammond, Mariah
Jefferson-Dust, JosephAguilar, Yaritza
Jensen, JamesHammond, Mariah
Job, LucasBauer, Jen
Jones, NicholasHammond, Mariah
Julian, AaronHammond, Mariah
Kaufman, DustinLangager, Harvey
Kirby, DanielCM, Pending TL
Kirby, DanielHarman-Roach, Juanita
Knows His Gun, JohnJackson, Bethany
Kovach, Ryan CM, Pending TL
Kovach, Ryan Jackson, Bethany
Kramer, DallasPorter, Susanne
Kukla, GeraldHarman-Roach, Juanita
Kust, RobertBauer, Jen
Labuda, DavidBauer, Jen
Lajeunesse, DuaneHarman-Roach, Juanita
Landwehr, RileyHammond, Mariah
Layne, Robert Bauer, Jen
Layne, Robert CM, Pending TL
Leggett, RaymondCM, Pending TL
Leggett, RaymondHarman-Roach, Juanita
Limberhand, RustyPorter, Susanne
Line, RobertJackson, Bethany
Lingard, JasonHammond, Mariah
Lingg, JonathanAnderson, Allan
Link, KylePorter, Susanne
Lipp, Eric Anderson, Allan
Little Owl, NewlynHammond, Mariah
Lozier, ZacharyHammond, Mariah
Lozier, ZacharyCM, Pending TL
Lyon, CodyJackson, Bethany
Mackey, DennisCM, Pending TL
Mackey, DennisHarman-Roach, Juanita
Macy, IsaacAnderson, Allan
Martell, MichaelAnderson, Allan
Martinez, DelaineJackson, Bethany
Martinez, RichardBauer, Jen
McCally, JustinAguilar, Yaritza
McGarvin, DanielJackson, Bethany
McGuire, DallasBauer, Jen
McGuire, DallasCM, Pending TL
McGuire, DallasCM, Pending TL
Miller, KurtisJackson, Bethany
Mills, RyanJackson, Bethany
Modoc, JamesBauer, Jen
Mooney , Justin Jackson, Bethany
Mooney , Justin CM, Pending TL
Mueller, Brian Porter, Susanne
Murnion, JasonAnderson, Allan
Nabakowski, JefferyJackson, Bethany
Nelson, AndrewBauer, Jen
Nepstad, CharlesAguilar, Yaritza
Netto, TylerPorter, Susanne
Netz, AdamAguilar, Yaritza
Newrobe, MalcombAnderson, Allan
Old Coyote, JasonJackson, Bethany
Osse, DanielHammond, Mariah
Ott, NoahCM, Pending TL
Ott, NoahHarman-Roach, Juanita
Palmer, StevenHarman-Roach, Juanita
Perkins, LeviPorter, Susanne
Perkins, MichaelAnderson, Allan
Perkins, MichaelCM, Pending TL
Perkins, MichaelCM, Pending TL
Phares, TroyHarman-Roach, Juanita
Phillips, SkylerPorter, Susanne
Plumb, RobertJackson, Bethany
Poole, ThorenBauer, Jen
Price, SamuelAguilar, Yaritza
Quade, WilliamHammond, Mariah
Rainingbird, StevenFisk, Nathan
Ransom, JulienPorter, Susanne
Real Bird, NolanCM, Pending TL
Real Bird, NolanJackson, Bethany
Reich, RobertAguilar, Yaritza
Reichert, JeremiahCM, Pending TL
Reichert, JeremiahJackson, Bethany
Retz, BrendonHammond, Mariah
Rhodes, MichaelPorter, Susanne
Richter, James Jackson, Bethany
Rigsbee, RyanBauer, Jen
Robbins, DanielBauer, Jen
Robbins, DanielAnderson, Allan
Roberts, AlexLangager, Harvey
Robinson, MatthewHammond, Mariah
Romero, RyanHarman-Roach, Juanita
Roubideaux, ThomasAnderson, Allan
Roubideaux, ThomasCM, Pending TL
Salazar, EduardoCM, Pending TL
Salazar, EduardoHammond, Mariah
Salminen, LaneHammond, Mariah
Scott, RoyLangager, Harvey
Sees The Ground, McKinleyJackson, Bethany
Segmiller, ShaunCM, Pending TL
Segmiller, ShaunCM, Pending TL
Segmiller, ShaunPorter, Susanne
Sgrignoli, CarlAguilar, Yaritza
Shook, NicholasHarman-Roach, Juanita
Shultz, DustinPorter, Susanne
Slater, AnthonyBauer, Jen
Slawson, TimothyHammond, Mariah
Sneeringer, StephenLangager, Harvey
Soto, Daniel Harman-Roach, Juanita
Southwick, PaulAnderson, Allan
Spagnol, ZacharyHammond, Mariah
Spears, GeorgeCM, Pending TL
Spears, GeorgeHarman-Roach, Juanita
Stahl, GlennHarman-Roach, Juanita
Stanley, CurtisBauer, Jen
Stein, ScottAguilar, Yaritza
Stevens, LionelCM, Pending TL
Stevens, LionelBauer, Jen
Stiltner, JusticeHarman-Roach, Juanita
Stricker, BlakeBauer, Jen
Stricker, BlakeCM, Pending TL
Summerlin, AnthonyHarman-Roach, Juanita
Swanson, ZacharyJackson, Bethany
Swanson, ZacharyCM, Pending TL
Tafoya, PhillipAnderson, Allan
Tagger, BillyAnderson, Allan
Tellez, PatrickCM, Pending TL
Tellez, PatrickCM, Pending TL
Tellez, PatrickBauer, Jen
Thomas, JordanHammond, Mariah
Thorstenson, JeremyCM, Pending TL
Thorstenson, JeremyHarman-Roach, Juanita
Three Irons, DaneFisk, Nathan
Three Irons, DaneAnderson, Allan
Tompkins, David CM, Pending TL
Tompkins, David Anderson, Allan
Trusty, RobinAnderson, Allan
Tucker, NathanielAnderson, Allan
Tushka, RobertAguilar, Yaritza
Tuss, EricHarman-Roach, Juanita
Vallie, AceAguilar, Yaritza
Vigil, DerickHarman-Roach, Juanita
Vigness, AustinHarman-Roach, Juanita
Voth, JonathanAguilar, Yaritza
Warburton, ChristopherJackson, Bethany
Watkins, JesseHammond, Mariah
Weinreber, KennethHarman-Roach, Juanita
Welch, ChristopherCM, Pending TL
Welch, ChristopherCM, Pending TL
Welch, ChristopherAnderson, Allan
Wenzel, JeffreyAguilar, Yaritza
White , Jordan Porter, Susanne
White Hip, EmeryPorter, Susanne
White Hip, EmeryCM, Pending TL
White Hip, EmeryCM, Pending TL
Wieder, Justin Aguilar, Yaritza
Williams, AaronPorter, Susanne
Williams, David Harman-Roach, Juanita
Williams, ScottBauer, Jen
Wing, JordanPorter, Susanne
Wolf Black, WyndellPorter, Susanne
Yellow Tail, CurtisPorter, Susanne
Yost, RobertAnderson, Allan