Jail Alternatives / Misdemeanor Probation Management

Kara Padilla-Jablonski

Kara Padilla-Jablonski

Beta Jail Alternatives Supervisor

Kara began working at Alternatives in 2007 in Secretary/Records Support.  She has held positions with Beta Jail Alternatives including Jail Alternatives Manager of Drug Patch, UA/BA, ETG caseload, Alcohol Monitoring caseload, and Misdemeanor Probation Officer. Prior to joining Alternatives, Kara worked as a Correctional Officer at both Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility and Montana Women’s Prison.  In 2019 she received POST certification from the Montana Law Enforcement Academy as a Pre-trial Supervision/Misdemeanor Probation Officer.  Kara holds an Associate of Applied Science in Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Certificate from Dawson Community College, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice-Forensic Science from American InterContinental University.

Contact Info: [email protected] or 406-256-3501 ext. 620

Adeia Thompson

Adeia Thompson

Beta Program Assistant

Adeia Thompson began working at Alternatives, Inc. in November of 2002 in the records department. In March, 2003 she was hired as the Beta Records Manager. Since then she has held multiple positions at Beta Jail Alternatives ranging from Records to Jail Alternatives Manager. Adeia also assisted in the development of Alternatives, Inc.’s Total Offender Management database system. In October, 2010 Adeia was promoted to the Beta Program Assistant. She graduated in May, 2002 from Bennington College in Vermont but is a native of Montana.

Contact Info: [email protected] or 406-256-3501 ext. 618

Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Cox

Stillwater Alternatives Manager

Elizabeth Cox began her career with Alternatives, Inc. in the Stillwater Satellite office in December of 2010. She previously worked for the Stillwater County Justice Court as Court Clerk for 2 years. Prior to that, she was employed at Stillwater Abstract & Title Company researching court records. Before moving to Montana, employment included working in all aspects of accounting for more than 25 years.

Contact Info: [email protected] or 406-322-4121

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