Misdemeanor Probation


The Misdemeanor Probation Office was established by Alternatives, Inc. in 1996.  The offices are located at 17 North 31st Street, a half block from the Alpha House Pre-release Center.  This location provides ease of access to the Justice and Municipal Courts, while permitting coordination and support with the Alpha House Pre-release Center.

The Misdemeanor Probation Program is a dynamic program encompassing many community based alternatives to incarcerating adult offenders.  These options include assignment of a probation officer who oversees home visits, employment verification, treatment compliance verification, random drug and alcohol testing, and supervision of other mandates requested by the courts.  This program deals with a wide variety of misdemeanor offenses but is particularly effective with DUI and Partner/Family Member Assault (PFMA) offenders, who need an increased level of supervision.  The Misdemeanor Probation Officers work very closely with the Victim Witness Advocates in order to provide an enhanced level of safety for victims of PFMA.

Alternatives, Inc. currently employs 2 Misdemeanor Probation Officers.  Each Probation Officer is certified by the State of Montana Department of Corrections as an Adult Probation and Parole Officer, and maintains arrest authority as granted by the courts.  The Alternatives, Inc. Misdemeanor Probation Program is available in Yellowstone County only.


The Supervision Program offers many of the services as Misdemeanor Probation excluding on-site monitoring in the community, power of arrest and search.  The Supervision Manager can assist the courts and other referral sources through the use of electronic monitoring, random alco-sensors, random urinalysis, and monitored treatment/self-help attendance.  This program is available in all counties we serve.  Additionally, juvenile supervision services are available in all of Alternatives, Inc. satellite counties.

Pre-Trial Supervision

Pre-Trial Supervision is an option available to the courts which allow judges to conditionally release an offender from custody and enhance their accountability until the trial date.  Supervision Managers go to the county jails to screen the referral to determine if he/she is an appropriate candidate for this program.  The offender must agree to comply with the conditions of release which may include weekly office visits and electronic monitoring in order to be released from the jail.  The Pre-Trial Supervision Program is available in all counties served by Alternatives, Inc.