Prison Rape Elimination Act

Alternatives, Inc. has zero tolerance relating to the sexual abuse or sexual harassment of offenders under our supervision, either by other offenders or staff members.  Alternatives, Inc. recognizes these offenders as victims of a crime and will immediately respond to allegations, investigate reported incidents, pursue disciplinary action and refer for investigation and prosecution of those staff and offenders who perpetrate such conduct.

PREA Coordinator

Rick Deady, PREA Coordinator:  406-256-3501 ext. 245 or [email protected]; 2120 3rd Avenue North, Billings, MT  59101

PREA Managers

Alpha House Director John Williams: 406-259-9695 ext. 129 or [email protected]; 3109 1st Avenue North, Billings, MT  59101

Passages Director Gina Poor: 406-294-9609 ext. 215 or [email protected]; 1001 South 27th Street, Billings, MT  59101


Family and friends can report allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and retaliation to Alternatives, Inc. by calling, emailing, or writing the PREA Coordinator, PREA Managers, or by contacting the following third party entities:

Great Falls Transition Center, 1019 15th Street North, Great Falls, MT  59401; 406-727-0944

YWCA, 909 Wyoming Avenue, Billings, MT  59101; 406-245-4472


3rd Party Reporting MOU

Billings Police Department MOU

Billings YWCA Support

Alternatives, Inc. PREA Policy

Alternatives, Inc. Internal PREA Investigator Description and Duties Policy

Annual Reports

PREA Annual Report FY15

PREA Annual Report 2016

PREA Annual Report 2017

PREA Annual Report 2018

PREA Annual Report 2019

PREA Annual Report 2020

PREA Annual Report 2021

PREA Audits

The PREA audit process for Alternatives, Inc. was completed on October 28, 2019 for Alpha House and Passages. Alternatives, Inc. began it’s second PREA Audit in late February of 2019 with the Pre-Audit questionnaire process where documentation was uploaded to the PREA On-Line Audit System (OAS) for our auditor to review. The Pre-Audit Questionnaire’s were completed in early April.  The Passage’s audit took place April 29, 2019, through May 1, 2019, and the Alpha House’s audit took place on May 1, 2019, through May 3, 2019.

Following the on-site audit, the auditors have up to 45 days to write the Interim Reports. The Interim Reports for Passages and Alpha House were received on May 31, 2019. Passages’ Interim Report identified 3 standards that were exceeded; 34 standards met, and 4 standards not met, requiring Corrective Action. Alpha House’s Interim Report identified 2 standards that were exceeded; 35 standards met, and 4 standards not met, requiring Corrective Action.

Passages’ 3 standards that were exceed were: Employee Training; Volunteer and Contractor Training; and Resident Education. Alpha House’s 2 standards that were exceed were: Employee Training; and Volunteer and Contractor Training. The four standards not met were: Supervision and Monitoring (Staffing Plan); Sexual abuse Incident Reviews; Data Collection; and Data Review for Corrective Action.

The Corrective Action Phase is a maximum of 180 days from the receipt of the Interim Reports. Both Passages and Alpha House completed the necessary Correction Action in October with the Final Reports issued on October 28, 2019.

The PREA audit cycle is a 3-year window with the first cycle from August 2013, to August 2016; the second cycle from August 2016, to August 2019, and the third cycle started in August 2019, and will conclude in August 2022. Alternatives, Inc. will need to have their next PREA audit completed by 2022.

The Final Audit Reports for 2019 are available for review by clicking the links below:

Alpha House PREA Final Report

Passages PREA Final Report

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