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Alternatives, Inc. is a non-profit corporation based in Billings, Montana. Since opening in 1980, the organization has provided both residential and non-residential supervision and treatment programs for state and federal inmates in Yellowstone, Carbon and Stillwater Counties.

Alternatives has three facilities in Billings. The men's facility, Alpha House, at 3109 1st Ave North houses 180 residents in state and federal work release programs. The second facility at 1001 South 27th Street houses the women's facility known as Passages.  This building also serves as the main administrative office. The third facility is located at 17 North 31st Street and is home to Alternatives' Beta Jail Alternatives and Misdemeanor Probation.

Additionally Alternatives, Inc. offers Jail Alternatives in Stillwater and Carbon Counties.  Stillwater Alternatives is located in the County Courthouse in Columbus, Carbon Alternatives is located in the Courthouse annex in Red Lodge.


Alternatives, Inc. celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2010.


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Department of Corrections employees can follow these links for up to date information on offenders:

Alpha House Men's facility

Passages Women's facility

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